Old Stuff #2 Thoughts of Light and Night

It's twilight
A violet-hued shade of air
Misty glow of ending sunshine
It's nearly night
Frost creeping in on silent feet
Traces of autumn fade

In the twilight

In the violet air
Through the dusky evening
I see a season ending
I see a season swiftly moving
To replace the one that's gone

After a bird's call

A last farewell
On graceful wings they fly away
I know it's not forever
But as I watch I cannot help
But feel alone

It's nearing midnight

I stand in the moonlight
My eyes catch the starlight
I capture the glow
And weave myself a winter coat
I'll shine as I dance in the

First snowflakes falling

I catch one on my tongue
It tastes of cold and shivering
Inside my winter coat
I am warm in the dark
The midnight holds me close

After a shooting star

I throw my wishes to the breeze
And watch them fly away
In the echo
My song of joy lingers
I dance the night away

In the black of night

Under the moon
In the companionship
Of lonely trees
And lonely wind sounds
I am happy to stand

Silence of winter

The kisses on my face
Melting to catch me awake
I love the violet air
Of the dawn breaking

I hear the sun singing

A morning song
Though the magic was lovely
Now it is gone
I feel the silence slipping
As the birds take up the call
I am not alone
In the sunlight
Framed by the trees
Under my winter cloak
No longer alone