Night is Not for Sleeping

There's gotta be something
that wakes me up
from the solid dark of night

The crickets are loud when
I try to fall asleep
but not when I wake up

As I lie on my bed
thinking thoughts
of how I'd love to be unconscious

My brain gets up
without me and moves
out to Wisconsin

There's gotta be something
in the dark that
feeds into my mind

A force or a nudge
that breaks through my rest
and leaves me restless all the time

My legs can't walk me to sleep
or even to the bank
of the sleepy bridge

My eyes might be closed
but my brain won't shut down
the button's frozen

What's wrong with wanting to sleep?
did the moon proclaim
that sleeping is insane

Why can't I ever fall right back to sleep?
did my eyes revolt
and steal my remote

And now I'm a captive
a puppet on a string
I do as I'm told without arguing

Night is for sleeping
so I have thought
clearly it's what I haven't got

So I'll just settle down
now my brain's back in town
and try to drift off

But the sirens are blaring
my subconscious is tearing
and I'll be awake for a while...