Old Stuff #3 Requiem of a Heart

It's at night when I'm alone
When I look up I can see the stars
It's at night when I'm alone
When I look down I can see my scars
And I feel myself going into the dark
With the sound of the beating of my heart

My heart, it beats so slowly
Hesitant, wondering where it's going
And my heart beats faster
As I'm pulled to travel ever further
Into the beyond and to the end
I cannot reach beyond the end

My heart, it beats again, slowly
Hesitant, wondering where I'm going
And I look back at my scars
And hear the pounding, thundering
The beating of my heart
Beating faster, even further

I reach into the nothingness
I reach beyond the brokenness
And I feel my heart, it beats
And I feel myself breathe
I see, after the dark
I see familiar stars

I'm in the night, all alone
And I look around, I am cold
I see glowing lights ahead
Eagerly, I leave my bed
Adrenaline, it rushes to my head
I am softly creeping nearer to my death…

And my heart beats again, so slowly
And I wonder where I'm going
And I pull back and concentrate on breathing
And I reach back and feel my heart still beating
Above me are the same stars
All over me are my same scars

I breathe
My heart beats
I lay down to sleep