Old Stuff #5 I Met a Horse in the Silent Darkness

I'm walking over the edge
There's a long darkness beneath me
I grab the last handhold of the ledge
Before I lose my feet

Then I'm falling and falling
Rushing through empty space
Even though I am calling
It's like my voice has been erased

I hit the ground with lifeless force
Silence all around me
I see the shape of wild horse
The only living thing I see

For long moments I cannot move
Until the horse nudges my hand
I grasp his mane and gentle reproof
Before I'm riding from the land

There should be wind through my hair
And adrenaline in my veins
But the dark around me is bare
So stark and cold that it drains

I ride until I can no more
When I fall my horse leaves me
I feel for strength that I had before
To climb the nearest maple tree

My legs are weary and trembling
I can't find a way to walk
And when I try remembering
I forgot that I cannot talk

A silver ring on my finger
Shines in a sudden light
A lantern far away glimmers
And I can run away into the night