Old Stuff #6 Don't Run With Scissors

I know my Momma said it was dangerous
But I ran with scissors today
I was angry and frustrated
Wanted my way
Just stomped away from a fight
About nothing
Only me trying to be right
And I grabbed up a pair of scissors
That were lying on my desk
And ran, ran, ran far away

And nothing happened
I jumped in a few mud puddles
To make myself feel better
Work through the muddle
That I like to call my brain
Ordinarily sane
Today, some wires just weren't connected
I ran with scissors
My mistake

You know you always think
It's gonna be fine like it was before
But just as I was coming through the door
I tripped
There's a step there that I missed
And those scissors
They jabbed me
Skipped my fingers and went for my knee
Left an ugly slice in my jeans
That's what you get for running with scissors

'Course my Momma fixed me up
Got a band-aid and washed out the cut
It didn't really hurt so much as my pride did
Maybe next time before I get so angry
I could think things through carefully
Some things aren't worth the mess
And they usually take a bit from your happiness
Plus, you might do something stupid
Just to prove something to your sister
That you are superhuman
And run with scissors

Which now I know
Is never a good idea