His Praise

They love it when I sing my songs
And build my brothers up
They love my healing words and when
I help them get unstuck
They love my humble ways and
How I smile every day
And even though I love their praise
I really should shut up

'Cause all the songs belong to God
He helps me build my brothers up
He gives me healing words for those
Who want to just give up
I smile and they think that I am
Humble in my ways
But all my serving is in vain
If I don't redirect the praise

Back to my father
The one who gave me life

I love it when they see me sing
And help them when they fall
I love to tell them healing words
And help them hear God's call
I love to show my humbleness
By saying it's his holiness
I'll smile to their face
But underneath I crave their praise

But all the songs belong God
He's the savior for the fallen
He's the one with healing words
And gave me my calling
My humbleness is brokenness
When I forget his holiness
And when he speaks I hide my face
'Cause I took all his praise

Took it from my father
The one who gave me life

They love to see me sing his songs
But I don't look at them
I look only at my father
Because it's all for him
When I hear his healing words
I tell the heart that needs them
And walk away from all the praise
Because it's all for him

All for my father
The one who gave me life