Broken Things

You love to fix unbroken things
They're fine until you cut their strings
I wish you'd tell me everything
That's going through your head

You love to break the window panes
And cut yourself to know you're in pain
I wish I knew what I could say
To heal what's in your head

Then I'm the one that's falling down
How can I turn the lights back on
When you need me most
Is when I need you
And all the lights are broken too

I love to fix the broken things
To heal the hurt and mend their wings
I can't help them if you are missing
I want to repair your heart

I need your help when I can't speak
Your voice is strong when mine is weak
But with both our tongues set on repeat
We can't repair our hearts

And you're the one that's falling down
I want to turn the lights back on
You need me then
And I need you too
Together we can become new

You love to hang the lights in trees
I love to see you so at ease
With mended hearts, with stronger wings
We'll fix the broken things