Light a Candle?

Nobody sees into my soul
But you
You read me like a book 'cause
You wrote it
I don't know the ending but
You surely do
I don't want to know it but
Could I see the next page?
It's not like I stumble over
Every word anymore
I can read my own lines
Without too much faltering
I don't write too many corrections
Corrections that lead me to
Tumble down the letters
My soul is a maze that I didn't make
I know
It's a temple for you to dwell
I know
Aren't I doing better?
Aren't I keeping it clean?
Dust doesn't settle there for long
Could I see around the next corner?
It's very confusing, bumping into people
And things and ideas
What am I supposed to do with them
Besides set them on shelves?
There's too may of them for me
To know them all
Surely you could leave a note every
Now and then
For a hapless wanderer to get a clue
Couldn't you?
I'll follow you no matter what
I swear
But do you think
You could maybe
Light a candle?