I Love You Like

I love you like I love the rain
You make me feel safe
Like the rain when it's on my face
I love your hugs like I love the morning fog
It wraps me up and holds me close

I hold you close to me in my heart
And at night I think of you like a star
I see you though you're far
I can't drive a car to see you
But there you are, shining

I love you like I love winter's first kiss
Snowflakes on my fingertips
I can taste the cold inside my bones
I think of you like a warm fire back home
I'll hold you close 'cause you're burned
Into my heart

I couldn't love you better
I couldn't love you more
Than I do now

You are my rain
And my morning fog
You are my star
That lives inside my heart
You are the fire
You are in my bones
You're in my blood
So I am never alone

I love you I love the sunset
Is there anything more beautiful?
Maybe the summer storm
The thunder makes me feel so brave
I feel you close and I feel safe

I love you like I love the wind
The gusting laughter of the trees
I sit close and hug my knees
And you're right there beside me
You hold me close

In the morning I think of you like the sun
You hold the world and everyone
You make me shine like gold
I hold you closer

You couldn't love me better
No, you couldn't love me more
Than you do now
But I know tomorrow
Somehow you will