Just Another Song

I would love to sing you a song
From long ago
Tell how I loved you then
Say that I love you now
That I've loved you all along

I would love to paint you a picture
Something forgotten
Show you how I know your eyes
And all the ways you smile
That I known you since back then

Back then you saw my hair
The way I walked without care
You saw me scribbling
In my journal but you
Never asked what was in there

You'd watch me walking home
Under a thousand stars
You'd like the way I sang
With the evening but you
Never quite saw my heart

I want to take your hand
And make you come away
I want to hold you close
Behind us dawn would come
And we'd still be awake

I would like to sing to you
Tell you secrets
You can stroke my hair
And whisper in my ear
I'll tell you how you're perfect

You used to see my sketches
And saw my paper cuts
You liked what you saw
Thought I was an artist
That you could never get

You looked right past me
Past my gaze
I looked into your soul
I saw an endless well
You thought I'd never stay

You thought I'd tear you apart
So you walked away