My Life Is: series

So, I was just inspired by a poem that I read on Teen Ink, which is a website for teens to post written work, or pictures. You can discuss POV's, read books, and view beautiful photos. I have an account there, my screen name is FireandWater. If you want to look me up, I have not much posted, because it takes at least a week for the editors to approve and publish your posts on the website.

Anyway, back to the inspired thing. I wrote a poem called Life Is: The Color of Your Eyes, and dedicated it to my best friend Shannon. Then that inspired me to write more on what Life Is to me. I now have 5 poems in that series, and will be writing more. So anyway, they are free verse poems.

I used to only write free verse a while ago, then started getting into rhyming. Then I was stuck with rhyming. But now I like to to both of them. I also enjoy writing haikus, but this post is not about the kind of poems I write, so yeah. Moving on.

If anybody who reads this has an idea of what to write about Life Is, comment and tell me. These are the ones I have so far:
Life Is: The Color of Your Eyes
The Stones Under My Feet
The Bridges I Cross
The Sounds I Hear

I'll post them for you.