Paper Hearts

We may not walk on the beach, my love
But that doesn't mean we can't dream
And running down hotel hallways is
More romantic than it seems
As long as we're together, love
It's a perfect memory
Wherever, whenever, you will
Always be the greatest company

We may not get out much but
My love, it's all alright
All the days before us are
Just stepping stones on our lifeline
Whether we have 100 years
Or we're cut short on time
I'll never regret this happiness
When your hand is holding mine

We might be unconventional
But love, this is our fate
We carve it from the tree trunks
When we're leaving the garden gate
All the roses and the breathless nights
Running around in the rain
If given the chance to go back
Oh darling, I'd do it all the same

Someday we will be a story
In a children's book
I'll draw my love in crayons
And give you a sideways look
This song is not enough
To tell you what you mean to me
But I'll send you paper hearts
If you will send some back to me