Pen Pals

It may seem a bit untoward to tell you what to do
If you don't take my advice I won't think any less of you
It's your life on the line and you've got everything to prove
So it's your choice whether to get up on your feet and move

Maybe it's unlikely that we'll ever meet again
So I'd like to take this chance to tell you that I'm still your friend
Whether or not I never to get to see your smiling face
I'll still be happy watching you as you run the race

I don't know what to call our strange relationship
But I'm glad to be the receiving end your awful penmanship

I didn't think I'd be the one that made you turn your head
Honestly I was so surprised you managed to think ahead
So when you grabbed my arm in the middle of the crowd
There's never been a time when my heart would beat so loud

It's strange to see the corners of mouth curve in a smile
Two strangers, friends, drinking coffee after such a while
We talked as if we'd never been a single day apart
And every time you laughed it was hard to calm my heart

I don't what to call our strange relationship
I was just glad to be the receiving end of your awful penmanship