The Lonely Ghost

Starlight, moonlight, lightless sky
Red sun, bleeding, here I lie
Darkness shining, darkness falls
Sunlight fading from the walls

Misty shadows, daylight flees
Graveyard, gravestones, let me be
Darkness creeping, darkness seeks
What it wants is what I keep

Slowly, slowly, watch and learn
Fuel the fire, let it burn
Higher, higher, till it flies
Flames go up until it dies

Harvest, reaping, autumn chills
Falling, drifting, colored rills
Thoughtful, wander leafless trees
Aching, flee before the freeze

Empty barrows, empty beds
Plenty more to fill the sheds
Children running, children sleep
Who they are is what I keep

Starlight, moonlight, lightless sky
Red sun rising, here am I
Darkness fading, darkness flees
Morning dispels all unease

Under dark or daylight sky
Graveyard, gravestones, here I lie