You've made me Indigo

My name is Indigo
Like the breath of a skylark
Like the hope in your heart
Just before the dawn
My name is Indigo
Like the starry midnight sky
Like the darkness in your eyes
When the sun is gone

And nobody else understands me like you do
Nobody else sees that I'm indigo through and through

My heart is indigo
Like lightning in a storm
Like the way you keep me warm
When I feel so alone
My heart is indigo
Like the stomping of my feet
Like the way I feel complete
With you inside my bones

And nobody else understand that I'm so scared
Nobody else sees that indigo is sometimes empty and bare

My blood is indigo
Like snowflakes on my hair
Like how you always care
When I am crying
My blood is indigo
Like the colors in the autumn wind
Like who I am when I pretend
That I am dying

And nobody else understands the pain in my past
Nobody else sees my secrets hidden in the dust

After all, I'm indigo
The deepest, widest sea
Who you want me to be
No matter who I once was
You have made me indigo
Almost pure, almost innocent
Your heat beats inside my chest
You are my because

Because you loved me
You've always loved me
And you found me
You will never let me go
You've made me indigo