Lovers and Lies

Stars burn and fade
All ashes now the flame
Let them crumble to dust
And the sacred blade rust
Forgotten in our hearts
Stirred by sorrow's part
Let it come to pass
When the winter's gone at last

Twice tried, once played
Now alone and unnamed
What's been done and said
Cannot resurrect the dead
Beyond where the moon
Stirs the sea and sits the loon
There the raven waits the day
When he chooses who will pay

A heart long broken cries
No one doubts that she lies
Begs another chance to try
So far beneath the clouding sky
Reaching for the sword
Because he doubts her word
Blood be spilt, breath be spent
No more time to repent

Stars cross the galaxy
With no thought for humanity
He feels so alone
In the place he once called home
Now there's no one left
No one saw when he wept
Once weak, sword is strong
And the raven is gone