Lightning Tea

Purple lightning streaks across my window
 suddenly the sky has turned to white
Like aliens are land on the rain-drenched soil
 and the crickets have all gone quiet
Rain still drums on the roof
 and the humidity drips beads of sweat down my back
Here's the part where I freak out and escape out the window
I wanted this time to relax

You're something to see
 when your hair is wet and frizzy
 held in place by static electricity
I would laugh but you seem so stressed
 so I'll leave you alone right after you get home
Then I'll come back and fix you a cup of tea
Then we'll chat and you'll tell me why you're crying

And when I've calmed you down,
I'll tell you to lie down
 and you'll sleep off the tears
 in a dream that lasts for years
And when you wake up,
 you'll be ready for another cup,
 but by then we're best friends
 and a mug of tea is enough
A mug of tea shows the love