i don't know the bad guy's name yet

Describe the terrible thing that your hero does not want to happen:

____ yanked Kyerin upright and held his wrist over the cauldron.  "Just a few drops and we'll be done with this nastiness.  Yes, my dear, just a bit more."  He slit my brother's wrist and blood spilled out, dripping into the hissing fluid.  Steam rose from the surface and choked me.  Kyerin was barely breathing anymore.  I fumbled around before I found a handhold in the wall to pull myself up with.  Finally upright, I hobbled over to where ____ had thrown Kyerin after he'd finished with him.  I held him against me as his face grew increasingly pale and his chest increasingly still.  ___ danced as he stirred his death soup manically.  I watched helplessly as the vapors drifted out over the grey lands, appearing to deaden even more that which was already lost.  Abruptly, I noticed a coldness in my bones and looked down to find all warmth gone out of the body I held, which was just that, a body; my brother was gone.