sometimes words; sometimes wonder

sometimes i don’t have words, and only wonder
sometimes the current’s too strong, and pulls me under
slowly, i drift until the morning comes and i’m
hopeless, breathless, drying out beneath the dawn
sometimes i’m quiet, and the birds sing for me
sometimes i’m silenced, and the trees speak with breezes
cautious, careful, i look where i put my feet
but falling is easy when you’re always hiding
sometimes i don’t have warmth, and only shivers
sometimes i dread the night, and feel so bitter
my blood is rushing through my body
hot enough to freeze my heart and
i can’t for the life of me
find a way to breathe again
lifeless, lying on the rocks beside the sea
breathless again, my chest so still
the whales are keening
the evening cloaks me in mist
and i disappear without a trace
now i’m a star of stars, and not alone
put against the black of night, shining stones
i haven’t got a heartbeat but i am still alive
i’m singing in the heavens and i know i’ll never die
sometimes i don’t have words, and only wonder
sometimes it’s only words, that help me wander
dreams are fickle, changing things
promises i’ll never keep
but stars have different rules
and different ways
time flows slower
i am younger
singing strongly sometimes words
and sometimes only wonder