Ruth Notes

  • Sacrifice shows love
  • Humility brings honor
  • As self-led life can prove disastrous
  • Bitterness causes complacency
  • Perseverance is noticeable
  • Determination to follow God brings about his blessings (on you)
  • To appear rightly before man is to appear rightly before God
  • The redeemed are blessed
  • Children are blessings
  • Praise God for the good since you didn't make it happen
  • There's no such thing as an outsider to God; we're all welcome to shelter under his wings
  • Selfless love is the first step toward any right relationship
  • We are witnesses/need to be witnesses to our own redemption
  • Don't run after the young, pretty one with their head in the clouds; wait for the man of God's choosing
  • We get to marry our redeemer too!
  • God uses the small, untalented and broken people to give him glory


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