Good Thoughts (in easy-to-remember form)

Passion doesn't just belong in the heart, it also belongs in the hands.
-- it's good to have a passion, but it doesn't mean too much if you don't do anything with it.

Don't let your dreams escape.
-- God gave you the ability to dream, so use it.

Don't confuse dreams with goals. Goals are necessities; dreams are accessories.
-- You need to have realistic goals to carry out in the real world, but that doesn't mean you can't bring along your pretty, red balloon.

If you don't know what you're talking about, don't talk about it.
-- pretty self-explanatory.

Your ability to see beauty never changes. It's up to you whether to look for it or not.
-- the beauty God has bestowed upon this world doesn't go away. If you think there's no beauty, you've probably been walking around with your eyes shut.

When everything around you is burning, be the rain.
-- Chaos doesn't clean itself up. The Enemy would love it if we let entropy take this world to hell, but we have the ability to at least slow it down.

Alone and lonely are two different things. Alone is a circumstance, lonely is a state of mind.
-- don't confuse the two.

Politeness and respect are two different things. Politeness is obligation to etiquette. Respect is obligation to character.
-- politeness doesn't have to be genuine, it just has to be given. Respect...if it's not genuine, what's the point?

You can't make up for the past, you can only improve the future.
-- regret is a waste of time. We can never know what would have happened, so work on what COULD happen instead.

Belief is not what makes the truth true.
-- God still exists even if you don't believe in him.

Truth never changes, only your understanding of it.
-- maturing means changed perspectives. Doesn't mean the world is a whole different place. You can just see it better.

The universe doesn't break its own rules. We just labeled them incorrectly.
-- God wrote the universe and it hasn't changed its function, 'cause he doesn't make mistakes. We do.

Contemplation makes the soul feel small, but not insignificant. Instead, it is realized to be significant because it CARES.
-- yes, you're a small person next to a very big God. It's the same for everybody. Doesn't mean you shouldn't use your brain that he gave you to think good stuff.

Friendship is like a tree. Branches can be broken off, but if you don't send them out, how will you ever blossom?
-- any relationship requires giving some (or all) of yourself. Sometimes you get yourself back in pieces. Good news, God doesn't do that.

Your calling is where your passions meet the world's needs.
-- it's okay to use your passion for yourself, but not okay to not use it for others.

Life is not waiting for God, it's walking with God.
-- you know, that stepping out in faith thing.

Love is not complicated.
-- Circumstances are complicated. People are complicated, but love is not complicated. It's the simplest thing in the world. But we must never confuse simple with easy. It's not always easy to love, but it's always very simple.

It's a choice. It's sometimes a series of choices, "oh, this person is worth my time." And then, further on, "oh, this person is very much worth my time," and still further on, "this person is worth every second, every bit of my heart." The choices are not unconscious; perhaps they are sometimes subconscious, but in the end it is a very conscious decision to love someone.

True love, then, is the giving of one's self. It is a giving without a need for receiving (see: Jesus), but of course the best compliment is to receive the full amount you have given. It is to see who you are, and to believe it to be worth giving, and to see the other person, believe them to be worth receiving.

Believing that the exchange of souls is the best decision you will ever make: that is true love.


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