Nothing less than a star intro

When nothing less than a star
Can break the dark before your eyes
Make the choice to give your heart
And send it up to light the skies

Tapi was born with silver hair.

People thought it was strange, but Miran loved it. It was as if a star had come down and touched his head with starlight, so that he shone all the time. She called him her "little star," and he followed her wherever she went, so that she was never in the dark.

Miran felt that she didn't need anything else as long as she had her little star and Tapi was certain he didn't need anything else because he would always have Miran. The two of them were stuck together with so much love that some of Tapi's brightness rubbed off on his sister and some of her stubbornness rubbed off on him, so that except for the silver hair, and the height difference, it was hard to tell the two apart.

And Miran wouldn't have it any other way.

Aside from each other, they also had their Gran. She had silver hair too, but from age, and a smile that could melt anyone's heart. She was wise too, with an answer for any question, though sometimes the answer was, "it's a mystery. Maybe you will find the answer."

And she had a beautiful voice that sang beautiful songs. Miran pretended to grow out of needing a lullaby to fall asleep, but when Gran sang to Tapi, she'd listen through the wall, holding on to the soft notes till her whole body had sunk into sleepy clouds and there were no words anymore, only music.