The Hunger Diaries, The Vampire Games

I had to post this somewhere, so I'm posting it here.

I was watching a short fan film of the Hunger Games and it got me thinking about how I always preferred Peeta over Gale, even though most people thought Peeta was a wimp and didn't deserve Katniss. But I always believed that Peeta was the stronger one in a lot of ways. Even though Katniss had a tough exterior, she was pretty fragile emotionally. Peeta was the opposite. It didn't show as much in the beginning. It was Katniss=toughness and Peeta=softness, but throughout Catching Fire things changed. Then in Mockingjay everything went to hell, but I think Peeta really was the stronger one in the end.

ANYways, I was thinking about it, and what my reasons were. Gale seems more like a "real man," the type you gravitate towards because he can protect you. His love is intense and kind of all-or-nothing. But at its core, his love is a selfish love, so whilst he could protect you, it would always be a worry as to who he would neglect in the process.

Peeta, on the other hand, loved with a selfless love. He might not have been as physically tough, or as able to protect, but he would give his whole self toward making you happy. Gale would blast everyone to save you, but Peeta would take the bullet. I prefer Peeta's love because it's honest and, well, moral. Peeta gives of himself, where Gale takes from others. I wouldn't want that. I would want what we gave each other to be enough, and not have to take or sacrifice others to get our happiness.

And while I was thinking this, I suddenly realized - OMO, it's the Vampire Diaries. Peeta is Stefan and Gale is Damon. That is so...SAD.

But is it? I think it just further proves the dilemma and difference between two strong female characters - though honestly, I think Elena proved to be stronger than Katniss, but whatever - that there is a pull to both the intense, selfish love and the gentler, selfless love. And, given that Katniss turned away from Gale and Elena turned toward Damon, there are benefits to both options.

Damon did end up becoming more selfless because of Elena, and Peeta ended up becoming stronger because of Katniss. I can't say that one choice is better than the other, since I have no real experience with a decision like that.

But at the moment, my hero is Peeta.