the one left behind

I am the one left behind

I don't think it's on purpose
By some spiteful or absent mind

But as a matter of course
Or a matter of indecision
I am the one left behind

Regardless, might I add
Of my age or knowledge
Regardless of my sentiment
That others don't acknowledge

It's simply the way that everyone goes
I am not quite ready to follow
So I am the one left behind.

And it rather hurts
And it makes me want to cry
And I hate that I am stuck here
While everyone passes by

The road unmarked is left for me
The road most traveled is banned to me
So I am the one left behind

It's not my intention to be one of them
It's not my direction to wallow or bend
But walking alone easily becomes
The death of one

No one will notice
Because I hate to complain
Or someone will notice
And I'll heartily complain

But at the end of all those words
Or lack thereof
There is merely sympathy
Not understanding
And I am the one left behind



  1. I'd say I liked this, but I /don't/ like this :(


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