Supernatural Fan Fiction (what have I come to?)

"What the--?" Ree sat up, gasping for breath. Clinging to the wall, she got shakily to her feet.

"You okay?" Sam reached out a hand to steady her. Ree pushed off from the wall and all but fell into Sam's arms. "Woah, easy there. Here, sit, sit." He guided her to the portion of a dusty couch not covered by shards of glass.

"I'll be okay, you know that. Just," she flopped back on the sawdust covered cushions, "that hurt. Ah, that one hurt." Ree reached a hand up to her head. It came away red. She traced the cut gingerly; it had sealed and the skin was already beginning knit together again. "I can get Dean now."

"I'm all right."

Ree pulled herself up from the couch, glaring at Dean. "Don't be an idiot. Let me see your arm." She put her hands on the jagged cuts and closed her eyes. Seconds later, she shuddered and staggered back. "There. Now let's torch the place and go." She turned and swayed.

Dean quickly stepped to her side. "You worked too soon, didn't you?"

"Shut up, Dean. I didn't--" Ree stumbled forward a couple of steps, promptly collapsing. Dean caught her neatly, sighing. "You really need to stop doing that."

A gust of wind. "Well, look who's late to the party." Dean glared at Castiel.

Cas stepped toward him over the shattered glass on the floor. "Sorry. I was otherwise occupied. What happened?" He looked at the unconscious Ree.

"She decided to try flying and ended up hitting the moon." Cas looked at Dean. He rolled his eyes. "Ree still doesn't know when to stop."

A look of comprehension dawned in Cas' eyes. "Ah. Here, let me." He touched Ree's shoulder. She opened her eyes blearily. "Cas, why are you always late?"

"I'm sorry."

Dean set Ree on her feet and started helping Sam with the gasoline. "Don't worry about it. I was fine, you know."

Cas gave her a funny look. "You were unconscious and," he motioned toward her head, "there's blood in your hair."

Ree shrugged. "Consequences of sacrificing sleep for the greater cause."

Sam and Dean came up behind her. "Cas, you ready?"

He touched their heads.

Faust laughed at them. "You know what I find funny? I think it's funny that you don't know who your friend is."

Dean's face didn't change. "Cas? We know he's an angel."

Faust continued to pace, chuckling. "No, no, not that rebel against heaven. I mean your girl here. How long have you known each other? You're just willing to accept all that's wrong about her? You're not curious at all?"

Sam put a hand on Ree's shoulder. "We trust Ree."

Faust nodded sympathetically. "I see, I see. What do you have to say for yourself, dear?"

Ree didn't blink. "What do you want from me? Angel porn? That was what you were thinking, right? No, just shut up. Here's the deal, I am going to kill you. I'm also going to kill whoever told you. Unless, you maybe want to tell these boys the answers to their questions."

Faust considered her offer with a sarcastic face. "I'll tell you what. Show me your wings, and I'll tell you what you want to know."

Castiel gave Ree a queer look. She winked at him before turning back to Faust.

"Tell us what we want to know and I'll show you my wings." Ree smiled. Dean, Sam and Cas all turned toward her and made similar questioning faces. She ignored them and continued to stare at Faust.

"Fine." Faust reached behind him and grabbed a thick file from the desk. "Here's all your answers. Show me your wings, and it's yours."

Turning to Cas, Ree held out one hand. "I need some of your blood."


"It's time you knew anyway. Arm, Castiel." She grabbed his left arm and pushed up his sleeve. In one swift, fluid motion, she pulled a knife from her jacket, cut his arm and cupped one hand underneath to catch the blood. Grimacing, she raised the hand to her mouth and swallowed it. "Erg." Ree wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. "Sam, Dean, cover your eyes please."

Ree turned toward Faust again, who's expression had started to reflect the boys'.  "You want to see my wings? Okay."
_______ __________ _________

Sam lowered the arm from his face and stared at the ashen remains of Faust. Dean shook his head. Castiel had not stopped staring at Ree.  He stepped toward her. "Who are you?"

Ree was inspecting the blood on her hand, but looked up to return Castiel's gaze. "I'm Ree."

Castiel closed the remaining gap between them and took her wrist, holding the bloody hand in front of her face. "Why did you need my blood? Why did I not know you were an angel? Who are you!?" The last question was more forceful than the others, and Dean reached out for Castiel's shoulder, trying to tug him away from Ree. He shrugged off Dean's hand and continued to look Ree in the eyes. "Who Are You?"

Gently, Ree put a hand on Castiel's face and pushed him backward a little. He dropped her wrist. "My name was Asriel. I'm an angel, at least, deep inside. Most of the time my angelic powers are dormant, due to the seal of my contract. Drinking angel blood dispels the seal for a while. I should be back to normal, ah, human in a few hours."

Dean and Sam exchanged looks of consternation. Dean opened his mouth, shut it, and opened it again. "So, you've been an angel this entire time?"

Ree tilted her head to the side. "Well, technically yes. But no one was supposed to know and you didn't need to know, so. Also, unless I have angelic blood in my system, my powers will not manifest, and neither will my wings, or my true appearance."

"Is your blood not angelic blood?"

"The seal has made the potential angelicness of my blood…not angelic."

Dean shook his head, turning away to collect his gun. Sam didn't appear to have anything to say, or be able to say it. Castiel was pointedly silent.

Ree took in the silence. "Okay, well, how about you interrogate me later, when the shock wears off. I have things to do." And then she was gone.