Night's Work

You touch
I sting
Leave me alone
I gotta do my thing
You tap
I bring
All the heat
And now you're burning
You slip
I bite
You don't go
Anywhere tonight
You sleep
I fight
All the world's battles
Then turn off the light

I spin
You wake
Watch where you step
Maybe the last one you take
I leap
You make
Faces at me
Before you gotta fake
I lose
You drown
Somebody pays
For money going down
I win
You frown
Now when I smile
You think that I'm a clown

You reach
I leave
Better take off
This is your reprieve
You wait
I weave
Take off the jacket
Your heart is on your sleeve
You jump
I hold
The river's way too fast
And it is way too cold
You swim
I mold
Somebody's gotta do
The things that they've been told

I fly
You fall
The rocks in your pockets
Aren't helping at all
I soar
You call
Maybe you want to rethink
Before you freefall
I stop
You start
Nobody's here to hear
The beating of your heart
I slow
You spark
Dawn is coming
Say goodbye to the dark