Make Me Cry

It does no good to have a head full of thoughts
If you don't know what they are
And they're all lost and stuffed in drawers
And they bleed down into your heart
Then give you the strangest aches
And it's so frustrating to hurt
And not know why you're in pain

So if you made me cry, I wouldn't be angry
I'd halfway laugh and say thanks
I can feel them running through me now
All those restless thoughts
All those emotions that were lost

And if I got to cry, I'd be so happy
To feel again and not feel angry pain
To feel alive and hate every breath
To walk on two feet and not on broken hands
If you made me cry

But you won't make me cry
'Cause that's mean and it hurts you
And that's not what I want
I want to see you smiling

So I'll keep my mouth shut
And keep my thoughts lost
I'll find a way to find them
To make them all bleed out
I'll do it without burdening you
I'll never make a sound

So if you see me cry
Don't try to make it stop
Let me have me tears
They're washing out the cracks
And my heart will stop complaining
That it can't choose what to feel
My now empty head will sigh with relief
At my tear-filled eyes

'Cause really, it's a blessing
Being able to cry
Don't take that away from me

It's what will make me smile