Italy Journal: Week 3 - Firenze


We toured the Uffizzi gallery. Honestly, I've seen so many good Renaissance and Baroque art that I was really bored. I left earlyish with people, but ended up with Tim going home. I got a cobalt leather bag and we stopped for food. We had a very awkward but genuine conversation about social situations in the class. I stayed up late because I decided not to go to Cinque Terra. If I was tired and achy after a couple hours in Firenze, then a whole day of walking wasn't going to be much fun. I have seen so many beautiful things already, and I need to rest and let my cold go away entirely.


I slept and watched vids and wrote and painted and sat outside talking with G-dragon and Donghae. It was somewhat helpful.


Nothing. The same things. Homework. I miss Netflix.


Class day. Honestly, some of these days are just normal school days, except that I eat pasta every lunch and dinner and have a great view of Florence from my campus. So, relatively normal. I drink a cappuccino almost every morning. I love coffee.


I'm trying to write music, at least chords, for a song I wrote. (it's posted here - Paper Matchstick Parade) I can't write music. I need a program that helps me to write it.  


Went to the Pitti Palace today and chose a painting for my final presentation. They had a modern art gallery so I chose something from there. I can definitely talk about it for 15 minutes. After choosing my piece, I head out by myself and went to the square leather market. Then I walked slowly back toward the bus stop. It was raining, but I had an umbrella so that was good. Then I was kinda tired, so I stopped at the IT IT cafe and got a cappuccino and a chocolate muffin with nutella inside. It was so good. I listened to music and just chilled for a bit. Then I continued to the bus stop and came home.


3 1/2 hours by bus, a short ferry ride and we were in Venice! I napped at the hotel since I was so tired. I walked around a bit in the evening and got dinner with people. I got pear juice. It was really good. I kept the little green bottle it came 'cause I liked it.
The next day it had flooded, so we went to the San Marco church on little plank bridges they had set up. This happens all the time in Venice. Most of the beautiful mosaics were actually near the entrance and exit, and Kendra, Ryan and I spent lots of time studying them. Outside, they were setting up a Christmas tree, ah! Then Kendra and I walked and shopped together. We got crepes and presents for people. I got a Venetian mask. It's not super ornate and I like it. There were so many beautiful glass things! I got a shot glass and a little hedgehog for myself. I wanted to get Dad a beautiful wineglass, but they were too much. Same with the astrolabe in Assisi. Sorry, Dad! I finished up all my Christmas shopping in Venice.

12/9/14 (sorry for the gap, I forgot to write some days.)

Today we reflected on having read the whole bible and I wrote down the questions everyone had. We had a great discussion on Revelation that I actually enjoyed. I went into Florence in the afternoon but I didn't buy anything. Just walked around and felt happy.


This morning was all about prayer requests. Then Janelle and Genevieve did their presentations. Mine is tomorow.


Done! Done with any homework ever! My presentation went great. I love the painting I chose.

And here ends where I wrote in my journal. But I have pictures and memories and I will never forget all the amazing things I got to do and see. Italia. I will see you again.