I am Fire (back of book/prologue)

    Every waking moment, every second of my sleep, I am fire.  My blood burns and my eyes light up with flames.  They rise up out of my skin and dance along my limbs, burning without burning me.  I can make fire float up into the air and form shapes.  With a flick of my fingers, I can suck it back into my body, filling my lungs with ash, pumping heat through every inch of my body.  But I still breathe.  My tongue is bathed in scintillating embers that melt in my mouth.  I savor the taste; the hot, crackling treats put me in a good mood.  

    I am dangerous.  With a single, concentrated though, I can kill.  Burning, beautiful, breath-taking.  It doesn't always show.  Only when I am alone do I let myself transform into the elemental that I truly am.  My body shifts, becomes somewhat translucent, and flames run through my limbs in place of blood.  They are my covering and my vision, my self and my soul.  

    I am fire.