Life as a song

Life's better as a song
Not so much about the coming and going
But always rolling right along
Life's better when you sing
Sure, it can't fix everything
But it's balm for the cuts and soothes the wounds
And yesterday's bruises will be gone soon

Well, the road is dusty and you want a drink
So you clear your throat and think of better things
When you sip your precious water
Let it slip down nice and slow
And let out the anxious notes
That have been begging to show

Life's better with a song
Maybe all those long high notes
Draw out the end of the bitter lows
Life's better if you sing
I admit it's not much to me
When my head hurts and my eyes sting
But when I'm losing the battle against
Everything, then, then the song goes on

Well, I took a shot for king and country
And wound up naked on bloody gurney
I thought about the life I'd led
Decided against letting myself be bled
So I let out the notes
That had buried themselves in my throat
And the birds all sang with me
And somehow I stopped hurting

Life's better as a song
Not about the coming or going
But just about rolling along
Life's better when you sing
'Cause even if it can't fix everything
It stitches the wounds that went so deep
Soothes the nerves and helps me sleep
Through the raging war

Well, I fought and died
My fair share of times
I bled and cried until my eyes ran dry
My hands may never feel the same
After losing half my brain
But, hey, at least I'm not insane
And I think I know what I'm doing

Life's better with a song
Give up pretending that you're not wrong
You'll never get anywhere
Life's better if you sing
Those long ballads about out heroes
I wasn't one of them but I know
It takes a million notes to sing the song
To warriors dead and gone

Well, life's better as a song
When you forget the coming and going
And just keep rolling right along