For some reason I wrote this little story intro about a girl taking her drunk older brother home from a bar.  You learn that their parents are gone, the girl earns all the money and her brother's name appears to be Red. It's from the girl's perspective.  I like writing drunk characters, mainly on account of the way you get to describe them.  There's a lot of room for creativity in anything, but writing about drunkenness is just fun.  I usually smile when I'm doing it.  Also, I kept hearing in a sort of southern accent in my head.

I do tend to write a lot about what I don't know than what I know.  Even more room for creativity that way. Fantasy is an endless backyard in that respect, but even when I write about assassins, or drunkards, or a blind or deaf person, I just love getting into it.  Usually the unknown is scary to me, but with writing, it's just one long adventure that really never ends, not so long as I'm "putting pen to page."  It's pretty awesome, being a writer, 'cause I'm an artist. And artists are the most free kind of spirits in the world.  (aside from being free in Jesus, but just assume when I leave God out of things, that I'm thinking he's already there and so obvious and answer or part of the picture that I don't find it necessary to talk about him.

That's what my Daughter of the King blog is for, though I haven't written on that recently either.  I have three blogs, but I won't get rid of any of them 'cause they each fulfill a separate purpose.  This is for My Writing Side, Trying to Think Inside the Box is about living with ADHD and just about me and my life in general, and Daughter of the King is for devotions and the whole Christian side of me sort of thing.

If I posted as much on my blogs as I posted on DeviantART, I think lots more people would be following them.  As it is, well, never mind.  I'm going to try and get back into it, starting with making my blogger dashboard my homepage.  That way I can never forget about this.  I'm not making a promise, 'cause I know in my gut that it'll be broken.  I don't almost never make promises anymore, on account of that.  Shows just how unreliable I am.  You should see my facebook introduction, you know, the "about me" section.  It's a very good description of me.  Heh.